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National Certificate Courses

(NQF 4) National Certificate in Animal Production,
with a specialisation in Game & Wildlife Management


This qualification focuses on the supervision of operational
Game & Wildlife Management practices.

Course Overview

The National Certificate in Animal Production with a specialisation in Game & Wildlife Management is a one-year academic online programme supported by practical hands-on modules, developed for the sub-Saharan Africa Wildlife Industry.
The qualification focuses on the Supervision of Operational Game and Wildlife Management within the framework of the sciences of animal biology, nature conservation, regenerative production, agricultural economics and strategic and business management, supported by fundamental knowledge of the application of basic computer skills, communication, applied mathematics, agricultural engineering technology and chemistry & physics.
On completion, students will be well positioned to extend learning and practice into other sub-fields such as animal production, crop production, mixed farming and farm management through upskilling to the National Diploma in Animal Production with a specialisation in Game & Wildlife
Management, on NQF level 5.

  • Communication at NQF Level 2
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 2
  • Agricultural activities at NQF 3 


12 Months


The National Certificate in Animal Production with a specialisation in Game and Wildlife
Management is presented as an exciting e-learning programme. This is done through self-study,
reading and the online submission of assignments.
Theoretical studies are completed through our online Agri-learn platform and the student is
provided with a practical logbook to achieve practical competencies and experiences in the student’s
workplace. Where needed, students will be assisted towards practical competence through our
work placement programme.

  • Ranch supervisor
  • Ranch technical manager 
  • Enrol for further Diploma or Degree studies  


The Cost Includes:

  • Access to the GWASA online campus
  • Administration support
  • Academic support
  • Qualification registration and certification
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NQF 4 in Wildlife Management